Windows 10'a için VPN OpenVPN ayarları

Windows 10'a VPN OpenVPN bağlamak için nasıl kılavuzluk.

  1. OpenVPN indir

    To enable use of OpenVPN you should download and install OpenVPN Client. To download the Client for Windows, please use a direct link

    Alternatively, choose an appropriate installation package at the developer's web-page

  2. Next, download configuration files from
  3. After installation of OpenVPN Client go to File

  4. Press BROWSE and find configuration files downloaded in p. 2.

    Choose an appropriate file and press Open. Importing of configuration profile will start automatically.

  5. After profile importing enter username in a corresponding field, and check an option Save Password

    Next, enter password in a field Password and press Add

  6. To activate VPN connection use a switch in a top left corner of the Client window.

    To add one more VPN profile (alternative server) press + in a bottom right corner and repeat pp. 3-5 of this manual

If after VPN installation some sites are still not accessible or applications are blocked by provider, try to install additional traffic encryption (Stunnel). This, however, could slow down Internet access speed. Manual on additional traffic encryption can be found here:


Başarıyla bağlı, ama yine de erişim ile ilgili sorunlar varsa, adres, DNS değiştirmek için deneyebilirsiniz.

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