7 Speed Tips for your VPN Account

Having a difficult time to figure out how you can improve the speed of your VPN? Keep on reading and learn from these eight tips.

  • Always connect to the nearest location possible for your chosen country. Being connected to the fastest VPN server location will be the first thing to solve your problem regarding VPN speed.
  • Try all the available networks for the nearest city.
  • Always remember that speed tests are not always accurate. Even if you've seen one particular slow speed test, still try to connect with it and wait patiently if the speed will improve or not.
  • Make sure you have updated your DNS.
  • Analyze your route to the VPN server with another software. You can try to use Visual Route for doing this. Don't forget to run this while not connected to your VPN.
  • Check the weather. It is possible that you're getting a slow connection due to weather conditions.
  • Submit a ticket to the technical support. They can always tell you the answer.

You may have also experienced receiving some error codes and as far as we want to help you, you can check Microsoft's explanation for each of them.