OpenVPN for Android

This guide will show you how to connect to the ultra secure VPN service. Find out how to setup OpenVPN VPN on your Android device.

  1. Download and install a client software. Recommended client: VPN Client Pro

    Alternative client: OpenVPN Connect

  2. Download one or more configuration files linked below:

  3. Start client software. Press + in a bottom-right corner.

  4. Choose OpenVPN profile, press NEXT

  5. Choose Import from file, press NEXT

  6. Find saved configuration file and tap it.

  7. After file is loaded, press SAVE

  8. Tap a switch to right from VPN-profile

  9. In a field User enter login (username), in a field Password enter password, check Save user and password, press OK.

  10. After this a message 'Connected' pops-up in VPN-profile and a key symbol in an active functions panel (latter – not in all Android versions). Now your internet connection passes through protected VPN. For the profile shown below this is a connection through Canadian server (ca).

  11. To turn VPN connection on and off use switch to right from a profile. To add profiles which use servers in different countries repeat pp. 3-8 with other configuration files.