SwordVPN Features

With SwordVPN, you can get all these awesome VPN security features in any of your chosen plans and have the most in your subscription. Explore all the greater sides of the web without worrying about Internet surveillance, and get the ideal online life you want with this secure VPN connection.

VPN: What is it ?

VPN technology is necessary for creating a secure channel of a logical network over a public or private one. It can be implemented only if you have high-speed Internet. To create a secure network a point-to-point connection is used. It is also referred to as a tunneling protocol. In order to connect to the network one should install the VPN Client which is compatible with the operating system used by the customer.

The features of VPN technology consist in the fact that you need to use a fast scalable platform that provides a reliable and efficient data protection and authentication. The features of VPN connection also consist in the fact that when you connect your computer to the server data encapsulation occurs. They cannot be intercepted because all the transmitted information is encrypted.

The encryption process occurs on the sender's computer, and decoding takes place on the recipient's device. A special key is required to implement the latter procedure. Once decoding has occurred, the two networks are connected. Therefore, VPN technology is one of the most reliable and practical.

What do you need VPN for?

  • videoconferencing
  • access to external resources
  • ensuring normal work of IP-telephony;
  • creating a network between remote offices
  • work inside corporate networks
  • use the Internet 100% anonymously
  • download files and use the resources prohibited in your country
  • work safely in a corporate environment
  • protect yourself from hacker attacks

A VPN may be of interest for ordinary users as well as for large companies. The technology enables you to reach a brand-new level of security. If you do not use a VPN, the risk of data theft will be extremely high. In addition, this technology will allow you to leave no trace on the web.

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